Mattia Garrone

Why I chose the Team-Celestini

  • It's a bit difficult to answer this question, simply because I've been part of Team Celestini since before it was born. I met Fabio Celestini in the summer of 2014; we met at a crucial moment in our professional lives. He had just finished his experience as assistant coach of Bernhard Schuster at the Malaga CF and was about to start his career as a principal coach. I had finished yet another disappointing season in Italian amateur football; different teams in different cities, but all with a common denominator: the total lack of professionalism and economic resources. We then found ourselves at Terracina Calcio for what, as I had promised myself, would have been my last season among amateurs; if it had not served as a trampoline for more ambitious goals, I would have had to find another job.

    That season was, if possible, worse than the others thanks to a society with disproportionate ambitions and inversely proportional to their abilities; we resisted about 7 months during which we saved only our work and the professionalism of the boys, fascinated by the personality and skills of the new coach. In those seven months also thanks to the difficulties that surrounded us in Fabio I found even before an extremely gifted trainer, a strong personality with great human values. He trusted my skills and the passion I have for my profession; He hosted me in his house when the club could no longer guarantee even to pay the rental. Fabio and I met each other in the same fire that consumes us in the exhausting pursuit of our most daring dreams.

    In March 2015 Fabio proposed to work with him at the Lausanne Sport and from that day we achieved an unpredictable salvation, taking over during the Challenge League championship; the following year we won the Swiss second division championship by surprise and we are currently still leading the Super League team.

    In these years I saw the birth of Team Celestini and I participated in its growth not only with my daily work but also allowing Fabio to know Gabriele, which today is an essential element of our staff.

    It is probably thanks to this shared journey if today I and Mister Celestini are so united; we both started from the dirtiest and darkest corner of football and from that day we struggle daily with all our strength to reach at least a slice of light, without any limitations or be content with what we have achieved to date.

What entitled me to join the Team-Celestini

  • The enormous passion that I try to put in my work and any other activity I decide to undertake. Secondly some academic qualifications that, although in my opinion represent the least important element in my professional career, help to have a certain credibility and authority.
  • Professional License for Strength and Conditioning Coach FIGC (Italian Football Association, Coverciano)
  • Diplome d'Entraineur de Condition Physique de l'ASF (Association Suisse de football) - Diplome DUEPP (Diplome Universitaire Européen de Préparateur Physique en Sport Collectif, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
  • Master's Degree in "Science and Techniques of Sport and Training" (SUISM, Turin)
  • Ten years of experience as a physical trainer in amateur and professional football in three different countries (Italy, Switzerland, Sudan) which were a helpful preparation to the challenges of working with different cultures.

What I do in the Team-Celestini

  • Head of Strength and Conditioning Training Head of Training Load and Analysis Head of Metabolic Training.
  • Increase and improvement of players' physical performance through the use of field training integrated into the main coach's exercises.
  • Development of strength, power and hypertrophy of athletes through training with overloads.
  • Daily monitoring and analysis of the external load (GPS data, FC%) and the internal load (RPE, TQR, VAS scales) of the athletes in order to optimize the performance of the players.

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