Fabio Celestini

Why I created the Team-Celestini

  • Because I found with my staff, people still able to dream about a new Football, who have the sacred Fire in them and the courage to fight for their ideas.
  • Because our eagerness to learn, share and confront our ideas is a daily need.
  • Because we do not consider sports as the end but as a mean.

What entitled me to create the Team-Celestini

  • 17 years as a professional football player in three different countries (France, Spain, Switzerland); More than 540 games in the top leagues/Coach since 2011 (Terracina, Malaga CF, Lausanne Sport).
  • Graduated in As Sports Director at RFEF, UEFA pro Coach Licence with FIGC (Italian Football Body), Coerver Coach Youth.
  • Multilinguistic (English, French, basic German, Italian, Spanish).

WhatI do in the Team-Celestini

  • Head Coach.

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