Didier Marlier

Why I chose the Team-Celestini

  • Because I found there a culture of integrity, progress and rare mind openess
  • Because Fabio Celestini is extremely demanding and expects the best from his team members whilst being highly supportive and profoundly human
  • Because we live the values that we preach

What entitled me to join the Team-Celestini

  • More than 20 years experience in coaching, team coaching and team dynamics with the CEOs and executive teams of large multinationals in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America
  • Author (« Engaging Leadership » 2009), Blogger (followed by 1’500 executives and academics), coach, consultant, professor (Fundaçao Dom Cabral, Insead, NEOMA, Nyenrode) and speaker (IMD, TEDX)
  • Multilingual (English, French, Portuguese)

What I do in the Team-Celestini

  • Mental coaching of individual players
  • Team dynamics work
  • Strategic reflections with the staff and coach

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