Why I chose the Team-Celestini

  • The main reason why I wanted to be part of the Team- Celestini, it's because as an empowered woman, I absolutely bet on the development of women's football, and this thought is shared by the rest of its members, which would create under the empathy of great professionals, the necessary tools to support those parts of football even with our regrets is developing slowly.

What entitled me to join the Team-Celestini

  • With the Team- Celestini, not only unites me by a surname, but also a passion. Being a woman, graduate in law at the Complutense University of Madrid, with a Master's degree in sports Law from the University of Lleida, and in the process to obtaining a sports management degree, I can provide a different vision that can help clarify the mechanisms that exist today to promote the development of women's football.

What I do in the Team-Celestini

  • Women's football developer

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