"ganar queremos todos, pero solo los mediocres no aspiran a la belleza"

- Jorge Valdano

Inspiration is our philosophy

Football has been a Life Inspiration for me. Today, that Life serves as my inspiration to create my vision of Football. I have always believed that Football, should have another meaning, another “Raison d’être” than simply winning or losing. This is the reason why I always want to inspire myself from those great teams who convey Emotion, are Ambitious, courageous and always seek to produce a spectacular offensive game, a “Total Football”. The quest for beauty, for delivering a true show and providing a rich “Content” must be given preference over an obsessive focus on results.

The “Content” is the sole parameter which enables us to reach the ultimate objective. The Football as I consider it is a blend of all the senses as well as the fruit of my experience, human and sportive, around the World.

This is why I don’t want to see my team blindly apply my instructions. I expect my players to interpretate, invent and create. They must exercise their art in a given frame but it is up to them to choose the colours and paint the picture. My role is to create the conditions which will liberate their talent and creative energies.

Our Approach is Organic

An army follows pre-established, organizational principles : an officer, several under-officers, procedures, a vertical hierarchy and a strict obedience to the orders. Special Forces follow a totally different logic; They have chosen an “organic approach” : a collective mindset, a shared vision, strong and structuring values as well as unconditional trust and support.

For me, a football team is closer to a fast moving, agile and impacting commando than to a heavy, slow and rigid army. We study the principles of Carl von Clausewitz, the Complex Adaptives Systems theories, we inspire ourselves from the faculty of the Santa-Fe Institute and Singularity University to adapt their thoughts to the World of Football. We want our team to be agile, in a permanent flow, able to change and impose its own game, no matter what the circumstances are, moved by a single purpose: To offer an inspiring Game!

Creativity is at the basis of our practice

Both as a professional player and currently as a coach, I have tried to apply the highest standard of professionalism. I am demanding towards my players, my staff, ma family and myself. My staff and I seek to offer a permanently evolving and creative daily practice to the players. We endlessly reinvent ourselves in order to better prepare our players to their games and the continuously evolving needs of those.

Routine kills motivation. Boredom dissipates dreams. The French proverb suggests that “Idleness is the mother of all vices”: We re-create, question and challenge ourselves, we take personal risks in order to reinvent our team with pride, stretching our energy and humility to learn.

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